Meta is planning to release a Twitter-like app

Meta planning a Twitter like app

Meta Planning a Twitter like app

Meta, the parent company of Facebook is planning to release a Twitter-like new social media app. Meta is trying to release the new app after seeing the current downgrades in Twitter’s services and the loss in the Meta project.

According to analysts, It will take up to 2030 for Meta to start earning from the Metaverse project.

Meta’s new app will be built on the same framework that runs Mastodon, a 2016 Twitter-like service. Meta will challenge Twitter by capitalizing on the present state of chaos on the platform.

Twitter is going through major changes ever since Elon Musk takes over it. It is having difficulty maintaining its marketing base.

Following Twitter’s decision to reactivate suspended accounts and issue a paid account verification that led to impersonating businesses, businesses have reduced their spending.

As we can see a lot of fake accounts have got the verification badge which is causing problems finding a real account. Maybe the Meta is trying to take advantage of this loose point of Twitter.

Meta’s plan to revive their current situations

As mentioned earlier Meta wants to take advantage of the loose point of Twitter to revive their current situation. Meta has gone through many failures lately like Metaverse failure, Youngsters moving out of Facebook.

According to Thomas Hayes, chairman and managing member of New York-based Great Hill Capital, Meta is simply trying everything to start to generate revenue much sooner than Metaverse Investment.

Threads: Meta’s Twitter Like App

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