Apple’s October event: What to expect, the iPad 2022, and the M2 Macbook Pro

Apple October Event 2022

Apple may be preparing a major iPad and MacBook Pro announcement for October 2022.

After the Apple September event, the long-simmering rumors of an October Apple event are only more plausible.

At the Far Out event, new iPads and Macs were absent, but we did see new iPhones, Apple Watches, and AirPods. That’s fantastic news because the speculations said that Apple Tablets and Laptops will be released later this year, most likely in mid-October(Apple October Event 2022).

Apple October event 2022: Recent reports and rumors

  • A fresh report claims that MacBook Pro M2 Pro device production is increasing.
  • OLED screens are not going to be included in this year’s iPad Pro.

When is the Apple event most likely to occur in October?

Last year, Apple’s October happened on the 18th. So we anticipate an event to be set for mid-October with a release date early in the month.

iPad Pro 2022

Apple intends to add the MagSafe connection to these tablets with two models: 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Pro with miniLED technology and LCD Display respectively.

Additionally, this device will be equipped with an M2 chip and may soon have new accessories and longer battery life.

iPad OS 16 and macOS Ventura

We anticipate hearing at least a passing mention of iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura at an Apple event in October. The latest Mac and iPad software updates are about to be released and improved versions of both are expected by next month.

A dedicated Weather app for the iPad, new Collaboration tools for productivity apps, and the Continuity Camera for Macs that enables the use of your iPhone as a webcam are all new features.

Check iPad OS 16 Preview

14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros

These upcoming notebooks are anticipated to employ chipsets that are descended from the Apple M2, maybe known as M2 Pro and M2 Max.

We anticipate seeing some distinctive software functions that will make these new MacBooks worthy of upgrades from the current MacBook Pros.

M2 MacBook Pro and iPad Pro 2022 release date

According to rumors, These devices are going to be announced on Apple October event 2022.

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