The 13th Generation of Intel Processors is Here – and it’s a Beast!

The intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Processor

Intel has announced the 13th generation of desktop processors. The ‘Raptor Lake range currently includes three new CPU models, each with two variants: the 8700K, 8750H, and 8400H. Intel claims that the 13th generation outperforms the 12th generation by 15% in single-threaded performance and 41% in multi-threaded performance. It will also offer up to 1TB of RAM per channel and up to 64GB of ECC RAM support across eight channels. It’s worth noting that these are all overclockable CPUs!

A Look at the Data

Intel has announced the introduction of the 13th generation of Intel processors. This latest family, designated as the Intel Core K processors, provides more power than ever before. The 13th Generation Intel Core desktop family includes three new CPU models: the Intel Core i9-9900K, i7-9700K, and i5-9600K.

A Closer Look at Performance Gains

Intel claims that the 13th generation outperforms the 12th generation by 15% in single-threaded performance and 41% in multi-threaded performance. However, these numbers are slightly misleading because they only take into account the new ‘Raptor Lake range. When you compare the ‘Ice Lake’ range to the ‘Coffee Lake’ range, there are only minor performance gains. And when you compare other CPU ranges with other CPU ranges, some offer greater improvements than others.

All-In-One Platform for Gaming and Creation

Intel has a rich history in the computing industry and has been around for over 50 years. The company was a pioneer in x86 architecture, which allowed Intel to dominate the market for decades. This new 13th Gen intel processors continues to build on that experience and maturity with Intel’s all-in-one platform for gaming and creation.

Backward Compatibility Intel 700 Series Chipset

Intel is bringing forward and backward compatibility to ensure that these new processors can be used with most systems built over the last 10 years. This means you can use an old PC or laptop with the new chips, but if you’re building from scratch, you’ll need a motherboard that supports the latest chipset for better performance. The high-end ‘Raptor’ processor will have support for DDR4-3200 RAM, more than double the maximum speed available on DDR4-2133. For example, the Core i7-9700K will have 8 cores running at 3.6GHz and 16 threads at up to 4.9GHz; while the Core i7-9740X will have 10 cores running at 3.1GHz with 24 threads running up to 4.3 GHz.


The new 13th Gen intel processors are available starting Oct. 20, 2022, and include boxed processors, motherboards, and desktop system sales. It will also be the first time that laptops will be equipped with ‘Raptor Lake’ chipsets.

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Processor Price

Intel has released the 13th generation of their processors, and they’re pretty darn good. The new processors are less expensive than the 12th gen CPUs and perform better than their predecessors. There are three new models: the i5-13600K, i7-13700K, and the i9-13900K. The Core i5 is priced at USD 319, while the top-tier Core i9 costs USD 589.

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