Google and AMD team up to bring Samsung’s next Gen phone chips to life

Samsung 3nm Chipset release date

Samsung 3nm chipset release date

Google and AMD have joined forces to help Samsung in the production of their next generation of mobile phone chips, working on both hardware and software design. With the help of Google and AMD, Samsung hopes to continue making a successful name for itself among the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. Keep reading to find out Samsung, Google and AMD chipset release date.

A partnership between Samsung and Google and AMD

Samsung is already collaborating with AMD’s graphics team and Google’s Tensor on this new SoC, according to tipster Connor. To produce better GPUs, AMD is probably going to contribute its knowledge, while Google will probably offer advice on how to use AI more effectively.


It features two high-performance Cortex-X cores, four performance cores, and four energy-efficient cores following 2+4+4 architecture. Instead of the standard octa-core CPU found in modern smartphones, it will contain a deca-core CPU.

How this will impact the market

Samsung is one of the largest tech companies in the world, producing everything from TVs to phones. This partnership between Google and AMD will help them produce their next generation of processors (samsung deca core cpu) for their newest line of smartphones, which could make them a stronger competitor in the market against Apple or other Android manufacturers.

Samsung 3nm chipset release date/Availability

Samsung is set to release a new chip for s series phones in collaboration with google and AMD, expected to power future Galaxy S-series smartphones, probably in 2025. 

It might be created using 3nm technology, as Samsung has already started developing 3nm chips which are 10 times more powerful than the current ones. 

The introduction of these more advanced chips will have a significant impact on many industries including telecommunications, electric vehicles, and artificial intelligence devices, as they can consume much less energy while performing faster operations.

Samsung deca core cpu

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