Sharing Netflix Password can cost you in 2023

Netflix Crackdown Password sharing

Netflix is trying to adjust some policies to preserve its revenue sources. Password sharing is something Netflix has desired to monitor and manage for a long time. So, to fight Password sharing, Netflix has started the Netflix Password sharing crackdown which means you have to pay more to share the passwords.


Beginning in 2023, Netflix will charge an extra fee for those who share their account with persons who are not members of their family.

Netflix Password sharing Crackdown

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown: details and testing

This policy has already been tested in some Latin American countries. Netflix has been charging $3 on each transaction. Netflix will use device IDs, account activity, and IP addresses to detect Password sharing. In a recent update, Netflix introduced a new feature to remove log-ins from their account.


There have been more updates on Password sharing in addition to this one. Additionally, Sharing the OTT Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and other OTT credentials would be considered unlawful in the UK.


According to TorrentFreak, the British Intellectual Property Office’s amended piracy guidelines will consider “password sharing on streaming devices” like Netflix to be a copyright violation.

Netflix Crackdown Password sharing: Is it going to happen??

Before this, Netflix announced that it will monitor the accounts with shared Passwords from 2023. Netflix hasn’t made any official statements about it. However, while announcing its quarterly revenue figures, Netflix stated that starting in 2019, it would start taxing accounts that share passwords with additional subscribers.

New content coming to Netflix

Apart from Crackdown, Netflix will work to keep engaging and attracting users. According to reports, Netflix is going to include new games and more interesting content to keep engaging the users.

Netflix cracking down on password sharing

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