Twitter 60 minutes video feature for Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter 60 minutes video feature

A recent announcement from Twitter on a new video feature can completely change its trajectory of growth. This new feature allows subscribers to upload videos that are up to 60 minutes long. This feature will be soon available for Twitter Blue subscribers.

Unfortunately, Twitter 60-minute video feature will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers and will only support the desktop version at this time. Other devices may support it in the future. Twitter has also included a new tool that displays the overall number of tweets.

Twitter’s new video feature

Twitter new video feature will allow subscribers to upload HD-resolution videos that are up to 60 minutes long but the video size must not exceed 2 GB size. This may get upgraded later in the feature to let subscribers upload higher-quality videos.

Previously, Twitter Blue subscribers could submit 10-minute-long 1080p movies with a file size of less than 512 MB. Unfortunately, Twitter will not allow us to upload videos larger than the recommended file size.

Twitter new video feature to upload 60-minute-long videos will make it harder for Twitter to combat privacy. Users may upload TV episodes and movie parts. So algorithms and moderators have to find it and take it down.

As of last month when Twitter’s copyright systems were temporarily down, users uploaded smaller movie clips. After the introduction of Twitter 60 minutes video feature, it is even easier for the offenders to upload someone else’s work.

As of now, there are no reports regarding monetization programs on Twitter.

Twitter new video feature

Replies feature for Subscribers

As mentioned in Twitter Support, Subscribers will now get priority in replies along with the new Twitter 60 minutes video feature. Therefore, the responses from the paid accounts will be displayed first. After the launch of this new function, Twitter will also have to deal with the issue of spam comments from users who pay to harass others.

Twitter introduces 60 minutes video feature

Notably, the main features are the priority in replies and longer video uploads. Further to this, Twitter has introduced a new video count feature that let users see how many times the tweet has been seen. This feature is available on all platforms.

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